This is a blog. About grief. A glog.

This is a blog. About grief. A glog.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The First One

On Others Like Me

Before starting this glog, I performed a half-hearted google search to find similar things...nuthin. I mean, I wasn't looking that hard, but still. It feels like it would be nice to have a community of other 20-somethings, with deceased parents, who've never emotionally dealt with the pain until almost a decade later and are struggling to figure it all out now. I mean, come on. It's not like we're unicorns.

Nonetheless, I know that there are plenty of other young foolish people who are emotionally disengaged and struggling to find themselves, which is really all I'm attempting to do. It's actually rather dull to be conscious of the fact that my unique-and-individual-feeling experience is actually a completely normal life stage. I mean, for once, I'd like to get some attention for being different from normal, but then I'm pretty sure I (and all of the rest of preteens since the dawn of preteen-hood) felt that way about puberty.

On Writing

I'd like to think I'm funny. I do enjoy laughing, myself, after all. However, I feel depressingly aware of the fact that my stories tend to be hard to follow and sometimes so arcane as to be unrelatable, but by all means, enjoy if you must! I certainly would get a kick out of it. But I also know thus far, I feel like I'm introducing myself instead of getting to the meat of it all, so be forewarned, I'm gonna talk about, you know, feelings. And I'll try to just be honest and write them out without too much beating around the bush. I'm not even sure why I'm introducing this all so much, except for the fact that I know that I love an audience. I'm really writing a journal here, and it's not integral to my success that anyone read this or not. But feel welcome anyway.

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